Alys Fowler

Hello,  I garden, I write, mostly about my garden, but sometimes around here I write about other things too. . .

Some facts (or not)

My daily bread

My head

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15 thoughts on “Alys Fowler

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  2. Adele Fitzgerald says:

    Alys, we are only just viewing your Edible Garden programme in New Zealand now! It’s great, love it (even if you filmed it some 3 years ago! Gardening & the love for it never fades! Thanks
    Adele ( overly enthusiastic edible & flower gardener with two chooks – Poppy & Pansy!)

  3. Please make more of the edible garden, or some other self sufficiency TV program, loved it so much and was disappointed when there were only six made. Keep up the good work, such an inspiration. Good luck with all you do.

  4. Hi my name is keV dale iv been gardening for thirty years growing vegetables herbs flowers and fruit I want to be a gardener fulltime and a garden writer my garden website is quint .simple log in for the good life files and allotment page yours sincerely the retford gardener keV dale

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  7. Hi alys,my name is keV dale I’m a big fan of yours I’m a organic gardener, allotment holder garden writer for local village newsletters and church magazines. I’m going to write a gardening book about how spiritual gardening is and how the soil heals.yours sincerely keV dale

  8. Christopher McTavish says:

    I have some friends from China enquiring about the Edible Garden. Is it an actual garden that can be visited or an event. They are visiting the UK in mid August.
    If it is neither I will just purchase the book for them.
    Thank you

  9. Just been introduced to you for the first time via one of your progammes on BBC 2. Really loved the content of the programme. More importantly I was really interested in your approach and attitude as it is it chimed with mine. I am hoping to move house and take on a plot that as yet is not a garden at all. It is hard surface at present. An exciting project. Your programme was very timely therefore. Do you have any other formats for your information apart from TV, blogs and books? Best wishes

  10. lee says:

    Hi is your book going to get reprinted I can’t get a copy for under £50 love the show really need a book for my partner to read and follow

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