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  1. Wendy Masters says:

    Hello Alys,
    My name is Wendy and I have been an avid reader and follower of yours for several years. I have all your books ….it was cheaper to buy them than keep paying overdue fines at the library cos I kept postponing returning them. Your series on television was great and my three children have all watched reruns and I have followed your Guardian articles and earth to alys as well. My 16 year old daughter will probably say all that sounds too gushy and a bit stalker ish but actually it’s cos so much of what you do is in sync with my activities. She also knows I have been talking about writing to you for ages.
    I am a Garden to Table Gardening teacher. This is an New Zealand school based programme for teaching children to grow,harvest,prepare and share(eat) seasonal food . We ( Jane is our cooking teacher too) teach 250 eight to ten year olds in a fortnight on Wednesdays and Thursdays
    It is based on the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme that runs in over 300 Australian schools. We have about 15 schools so far after 5 years. We have a lot of fun at Meadowbank and the children love learning about composting,mulching etc and helping with the hens that I take to school on my teaching days.
    I am a great recycler and am hoping to instill the art of making what you need from what you can find rather than always buying ready made. Have shown people your chapter on bin diving and recommendations on correct clothes and they have rolled their eyes and said I didn’t need that sort of encouragement!!
    To cut this burble short if you are ever in Auckland come and visit and in the meantime thank you for your inspiration and great ideas that reinforce what I am doing with the next generation. We are currently hunting snails and I am setting up snail farms to give the hens some extra protein,to harvest snail manure and get the children a little closer to these fascinating but annoying creatures. It was a bit scary for me last week when we were on a snail hunt and a girl told me that mum won’t let her touch bugs. I replied these are Gastropods so I’m sure she won’t mind!!

    Best wishes and happy gardening from the other end of the world.

    Wendy Masters

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