Right now

I like the light, the way it wraps itself around the soft green of new growth.

I like the newness of it all. I like the smell of warmth, of the earth relaxing and the weeds pushing.

I like the way the dirt is filling all the cracks in my fingers, there to stay till the end of summer.

I like the way my skin smells after a day of playing in the soil, I like the way my heart feels like it’s swelling into the season to come.

I like it all right now


3 thoughts on “Right now

  1. The newness! Couldn’t have put it better myself and as for DAYS spent playing in the soil – I’m jealous. But I, like you, like it all right now too.

  2. Our new greenhouse is stuffed to the Gunwales* so what i like at the moment is the plants covering every horizontal surface in the house.

    (perhaps gunwales would come in handy on a greenhouse for a canon assault on the slugs…..)

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